Tips to Avoid Distracted Drivers and Car Accident in Sacramento

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You probably do your best to stay safe while you are on the road while in Sacramento, California. You follow the signs and try to keep those around you safe as well. But that does not mean that everyone will be as careful as you. Some drivers are careless, and these drivers could cause you or your passengers harm. This is why you need to make sure you have a good personal injury lawyer Sacramento car accident and a guide to help you prevent accidents.

The Danger of Distracted Drivers

Most people understand that drunk drivers are a danger, but distracted drivers are also dangerous. Take, for example, drivers who use their cell phone while driving. Statistics show that 1 in 4 car accidents are related to drivers who use their cell phones while driving. This is a staggering number and one that you should pay attention to for you and your family’s safety.

But cell phones are not the only things that can distract a driver. Eight thousand drivers were involved in an accident because they were distracted for another reason. That is a large number, which puts you and your family at risk.

The distracted driver could be arguing with a passenger, or a driver could be attempting to calm his or her children down while driving. There are many reasons why someone might not be paying complete attention to the road.

Of course, talking to a personal injury lawyer Sacramento car accident ensures that you will be taken care of if you are ever in a vehicular accident. But this does not mean that you want to be in an accident.


Prevent Car Accidents Involving Distracted Drivers

Life has some risks, and there is no way to promise that you will never be an accident. But you can improve your chances of not being in one. One thing that you can do is take notice of certain signs (with your peripheral vision). This will let you know that a driver may be distracted, and you will know how to act accordingly.

One easy sign to look for is a driver who keeps looking down, which could mean that the driver is using his or her cell phone. Or the person may be playing with his or her navigational system, among other possibilities. The point is that you want to stay away from a driver who looks down for any reason.

You should also get a quick peek at drivers expressions if you can. As mentioned above, you do not need to look directly at the person. You can see what’s going on around you by simply taking notice with your peripheral vision. If a driver looks upset, this could mean that he or she may be fighting with a passenger or his or her kids. Try to keep your distance from this driver.

Another thing that you should pay attention is the way the cars stop around you. You may notice that a driver makes sudden stops, even though the light has been red for a long time. Or you might notice that the car in front of the driver already stopped, yet the car in question continually steps on the brakes. Sudden stops like this could mean that he or she is simply not paying attention. This could be a dangerous driver, so do your best to stay away.

You may also notice a driver who continuously ignores traffic signs. This could mean that a driver does not slow down when the traffic signs tell him or her to do so. Or it could mean that a driver misses a stop sign or two. This could mean that the driver you are observing is distracted or is simply a reckless driver. Either way, you want to make sure that you stay away from such a driver.

One last sign, which is a simple one, is a driver that takes too long to notice that the light turned green. Try to give this type of driver space for your protection, as he or she was distracted by something.


How to Prove That A Driver Was Distracted

There is no guarantee, no matter how much you attempt to avoid a distracted driver, that you will not be in an accident with one.

There are some tell signs that you could look for that might help prove that a driver was distracted. You might notice a bag of food, grooming items, or his or her cell phone within reach. This could definitely mean that the driver was distracted. Make a note of these signs, and try to take pictures if you can. And be sure to tell the cops about your suspicions so that they are recorded in the police report.

All pictures and a detailed police report will help you in the long-run, especially if you were injured during the accident. You will have to, besides dealing with a damaged car, visit the doctor. Injuries can be quite expensive if you have to take care of them on your own. Your personal injury lawyer Sacramento car accident should be able to ensure that you get all the money that you deserve.

You can see how important it is to be prepared and be vigilant while you are driving. Unfortunately there are just too many distracted drivers. Consider the suggestions above for the good of your safety and the safety of your passengers.